Audrey D’agastinio

Title: Belle

Size: 5″9’h x 4″ w                                  Materials: Chicken Wire

I’m very interested in the past and the things that get left behind.  I wanted to create a sort of apparition of young woman in the midst of movement but the particular gesture is unknown.  Due to the Civil War history of the area I chose to have the figure in a time specific dress to reference that relationship.  You can easily see right through her as though she is almost not even there and barely a physical thing.




Hunter Knight

Title: Danville

Size: 4ft x 6ft x 2inchs                Materials: Wood, paint


When I think of the Historic Old Town part of the city I think of the train station and my sculpture is a reflection of that.  I will take sheets of plywood and cut various geometric shapes from it.  Each shape will be used to represent various parts of the many trains that pass through the heart of the city.  These shapes will be spaced apart so that the viewer will piece the image of the train together within their mind.  Its not abstract but more simplistic in its visualization. I also would like to use the long fence near the train tracks as I feel this best suits the work and installation.



Frank Albert

Title: Lion Amongst Men

Size 2ftH x 4ftL      Materials: Wood, Steel, Paint

I am creating a Lions head out of butcher block wood that will be constructed out of several interlocking layers.  The Lion is representative of mans idea of power and simplicity while the sheet metal mask that will cover part of the face represents our current society and love of the new.  Even with all the shiny new things we have underneath we are still simple creatures.  This is a preliminary sketch of the idea and an in process image of the butcher block head.  There will be gaps between the layers so that as you move around the work it changes its overall appearance.



Micheal Flatequal and Harold Martin

Title: Mona-splat

Size: 5ft tall with pedestal          Materials: Casting plastic, Wood


Using fast setting cast plastic our sculpture will feature a male and female torso that is being fused together back to back.  We are focused on making a sculpture that is seemingly in constant motion yet still in balance.  In order to create that balance the plastic will be complimentary color coordinated.  The melded forms will sit atop a pedestal which will also capture some of the cascading plastic.



flats3  flats2

Jessica Morales

Title: Interruption

Size: 5ft.H x 2ft at widest        Materials: Wood, paint, mirror glass


I am creating a geometric abstraction of the world around us.  My sculpture will reflect and distort the viewers perception of the surrounding area and give them a new perspective.  My sculpture will feature a series of wooden cubes that will be painted varying and vibrant colors.  Each cube face will also be covered with broken mirror glass that will have the desired effect.




Sarah Fischer

Title: Virus

Size: 5ft x 2ft x 2ft              Materials: Aluminum, Tripod, Tv Parts

I am often inspired by common objects found around the house and I enjoy their deconstruction.  For this sculpture I am focusing on the microscopic representations of the simple cold virus.   These images look like strange creatures or perhaps odd spiders.  My interest lies in making a larger life size version of these images with electronic parts which i have scavenged from my collection of things.  My intention is not to scare people but to actually create a whimsical representation of this oddity.



Christian Gallik

Title: Tresident Taber

Size: 70 inches tall and 3 feet at its widest     Materials: Steel and Metal wire

My proposal is minimal yet draws on my interest in architecture and tension to create a sculpture that dynamic from multiple angles.  The tightness of the wire holding the angled steel supports cuts up the landscape when viewed from any side.   I was interested in creating something that had its own definable form while still interacting with its surrounding environment.






Andrea Rivera

Title: Distracted

Size: 5ft x 20inches               Materials: Steel, Plastic, Wood, Plaster

I am creating a figurative sculpture that will be covered in multiple bright colors of plastic.  The form will be stylized in that it will not feature arms and legs but simply suggest the entire human form.  It references our new nature of awareness…which is to say our complete lack of.  With it’s head slightly downturned toward its hand its mimicking our constant star at our phones while its being encased in this bright plastic and seemingly oblivious to it.