2017 Sculpture plan

Here is my recommendation for the sculpture locations for the new year of Historic Manassas Sculpture Walk. Unfortunately I had one student who dropped due to health issues so we are one sculpture short from last year.  I have a reliable student who is going to give it her best show to complete a sculpture before my April 21st deadline.

City Hall

  1. Sidewalk pad -Currently occupied by the Lion- Sarah Fischer
  2. Ivy Pad-Currently occupied by the Green Rectangles- Chase Portell

Train Fence

  1. Driftwood Dino- Jose Reyes

Museum Lawn

  1. Left of sidewalk – currently occupied by Wire sculpture- John Orstead
  2. Right of side walk- currently occupied by the Mirror Cubes- Matin
  3. Courtyard 1- currently occupied by Gold Bust- Iris Padilla
  4. Courtyard 2- currently occupied by Virus Spider- Jose and Brandon


  1.  Pad currently occupied by Plastic man- Bahar. This sculpture is chosen for this location due to its heavy foot traffic and the durability of this particular work.

Farmers Market Corner.

  1. Vacant for Water tower repairs

The Plastic Man is almost finished with its repairs and I would love to use him again.  If the Candy Factory gallery would like a replacement for Belle.  I would prefer to put him in the Gallery.