Jose Reyes


Jose Reyes

Title – “Driftwood Dino”

5ft H x 10ftL x 4ftW

Drift Wood, Steel

Location- Fence Behind Candy Factory Gallery


Bahar Omar


Bahar Omar

Title- “Future Landing”


5ftH x 4ftW

As you can see Bahars sculpture has increased in size since we last posted.  The female figure stands about 6 ft high and is anchored ina concrete base.  The structure that you see behind the figure is a shanty boat that she will reside in.  Bahar was very interested in perilous immigrant journeys as she constructed her sculpture.

Location- Pavillion

Jose Garcia and Brandon Mei


Jose Garcia and Brandon Mei

Title- “Nomo”

Wood, Steel, Wire, Plastic

4ft H x 3 1/2ft W x 2ft D

We wanted to create a sculpture within a sculpture.  We were interested in making something that had an open ended idea of what it might be. We also wanted to make something that would make people get close and peak inside, maybe spend a little more time looking at the sculpture.

Location- Museum Courtyard Right